Top-Notch Workplace Injury Treatment

Get Your Workplace Injuries Treated Successfully

Whether it's a slip and fall on a wet spot in the break room or your wrist is acting up after years of typing at a keyboard, our trained and experienced chiropractor can help you to recover from workplace injuries. Schedule your appointment at Salem Avenue Chiropractic to discuss any pains or injuries that are the result of your job.

From long-term pain to loss of strength or mobility, your treatment can start with just a call to our office. Our doctor and helpful staff will see you on the same day, so we can identify issues and come up with an effective treatment plan. Also, our chiropractor, Dr. Kruse, will accept phone calls to discuss your insurance claim personally.

An Extensive Array of Workplace Injury Treatments

There's no reason you should physically dread going in to work every day because you're worried about pain. A wide range of treatments are available at Salem Avenue Chiropractic to help get your body back into shape for a pain-free work experience.
  • Back pain treatments
  • Migraine treatments
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome treatments
  • Alignment issues
  • Neck pain treatments
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Chronic issues
  • Acute issues
Call Salem Avenue Chiropractic at 
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We specialize in treating auto and workplace injuries. Contact us today.
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