Excellent Strain and Sprain Treatment

Fix Your Strains and Sprains

The human body does have an amazing ability to heal and compensate for injury. Unfortunately, in the case of joint sprains or muscle strains, the body can over-compensate for the damaged tissue that leads to incomplete healing and problems down the road.

Schedule an appointment at Salem Avenue Chiropractic if you have twisted your ankle, sprained your wrist, or pulled your muscle. Using the proven techniques and the latest technology, we can help you to recover better, faster, and with less chance for a 

Strain and Sprain Treatments That We Can Provide

  • Joint manipulation
  • Ice and heat treatments
  • Ultrasound muscle stimulation
  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Stretching exercises
  • Strength exercises
  • Range of motion treatments
  • Balance treatments
Strain treatment

Let Us Deal With Your Insurance Company

While insurance companies might initially balk at covering a procedure, most of them understand the importance of preventative chiropractic care. Our staff has years of experience in working with insurance companies, and we'll be happy to work with yours on your behalf. Our chiropractor, Dr. Kruse, will accept the phone calls to discuss your claim personally.
Benefit from our chiropractic care. Call us at 
937-275-8595 to schedule an appointment.
Salem Avenue Chiropractic has been in practice for more than 18 years. Benefit from our walk-in and same-day appointments for new patients.
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